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About Us

Inland Valley Appraisers
has a unique approach to repair estimating based on the fact that significant claim adjusting decisions involving liability, comparative negligence, subrogation and fraud identification are made based on the repair estimate and photo documentation of the damages. We understand that timeliness, communication and cost containment are everything and we strictly adhere to our client’s guidelines and provide accurate appraisals to help our client’s facilitate quality repairs for their customers in a reasonable amount of time.

With over 40 years of experience in the claims industry, we understand the importance of a quality product thus we train our Concentric Zone Managers in the importance of claim handling. Our goal is to assist our clients in building a better claim file in order to reduce severity, decrease costs and assist in identifying fraud.


    IVA has been set up to provide our clients with exceptional service which includes:

  • 30 minute customer contact from the time the assignment is received
  • Same day inspection in most cases
  • Turn-around time of completed assignments:  12-24 hours on average (Overall cycle-time is approximately 2.0 days)
  • Implementation of our "Concentric Zone" territory model for our appraisers "Zone Managers" to ensure our cycle- time goals are met and to maintain effective response time for first inspections and supplements
  • Proper photo documentation:  We take a minimum of 25 photos on every file and store additional photos on site which can be provided upon request
  • Zone Managers are trained in Occupant Kinematics and Bio-Mechanics and have a keen understanding of Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST); Theft; Subrogation; and Basic Claims Concepts
  • Utilize photo-documentation techniques that are specifically designed to allow file analysis and evidence preservation

Our office staff is highly trained on claims handling and are skilled in the utilization of claims management systems such as CCC Autoverse, EAuto, NuGen IT and ClaimForce as well as Mitchell and Audatex estimating systems.

Each member of our team understands the importance of zero defects and we strive to meet the individual needs of our claims partners.











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