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The IVA Concentric Zone Model


The IVA Concentric Zone Model was 

created to ensure our ability to provide our claims partners with the absolute best service in the industry.  

As our client, you will be provided with quality service which includes:

Reduced cycle time

Exceptional customer service

Reduced severity

More efficient supplement handling

No delays due to out of area claims

No extra expense for outline area in most cases

Our appraisers are appointed the title of Concentric Zone Managers and are assigned a smaller, more manageable territory knows as a “Concentric Zone. Each Zone Manager is responsible for managing their zone which consists of an approximate 50 mile radius from where he/she resides. This concept creates a better business relationship with local repair facilities, tow and storage yards and local vendors. Each Zone Manager can inspect and re-inspect more vehicles in a timely, more efficient manner. Due to their smaller zone ratio, our Zone Managers will become more familiar with their concentric zone areas in regards to shop, tow and storage yard locations, streets, freeways, etc., thus creating a more efficient work day. He/she is thus able to decrease their overall cycle time, increase customer service and retention for our clients, assist in reducing overall severity and supplement activity.

Dispatch Workflow: We have established a dispatch workflow which will assist our clients by providing extraordinary customer service. This system offers our clients a one hour customer contact which begins immediately upon receipt of the inspection assignment. If the vehicle is available for inspection the same day the assignment is received, the assignment will be scheduled by our dispatcher and sent immediately to the appropriate Zone Manager. Our Zone Managers are tracked via GPS to further enhance our ability to provide same day inspections.

Audit-Upload Workflow: Although we expect an error free product from each concentric zone, we understand that there is a possibility for mistakes. Each file is carefully audited and then handed to a qualified office staff that then uploads the completed file to our client. This process allows us the ability to upload a majority of our completed assignments the same day of inspection which further reduces our overall cycle time.

Supplement Workflow: Our supplement workflow is designed to increase efficiencies and eliminate any potential errors in the process. All repair facilities are instructed to contact the IVA Office regarding any supplemental activity. Our office team then creates a new “supplement file”, verifies that the vehicle is ready for inspection and assigns the “supplement file” to the Concentric Zone Manager for inspection.




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